Fable of Wolf and Owl

The Kings Tomb
Adventure 1

In the first session, we met 5 player characters. Valgus, the human paladin, following the light of the God Pelor. Kumaal, the dragonborn paladin, following the honor of Bahamut. Gorgoth, the half-orc barbarian. Froyo, the halfling rogue. And lastly, the tiefling wizard.

The five of them had all come to the Gilded Dragon Inn for a night of sleep, where they woke up abruptly thanks to a vivid nightmare where they each experienced a shadowy figure blasting them into dust. As they go downstairs into an empty tavern, they see each other and they notice a blue, glowing aura around each person, along with a look of dread on each of their faces. They get a sense that each person has had the same dream. They sit and talk over breakfast, where they meet Falgrim, the owner of the Gilded Dragon Inn. They ask why there’s no one else here and he says that business has been slow since the mines got shut down. They tell him about the dream and he said they might gather more information if they go to the King’s Tomb and take a look around. Falgrim also asks the adventurers to keep an eye out for his two dogs, Bork and Goofy, as they’ve run off from home again and he can’t very well leave.

Upon leaving, they head east towards the King’s Tomb. Shortly after leaving, they run into a hooded, scruffy looking man with a walking stick approaching them. They ask the man where he came from and he stammers “I need water!” multiple times. Froyo gives his water skin, and Pondubious, the man, pours the entire contents out over his head. A little perturbed, Froyo reluctantly takes his water skin back. He is slightly calmed after this, and is only able to get out his name. Kumaal then offers his waterskin, and the same thing occurs. The adventurers are highly irritated and leave him running into the forest exclaiming his need for water. After a few miles, they hear a soft whimpering noise off in the distance. Froyo sneaks ahead of the group to see two dogs chained to trees, Bork and Goofy. He calls the rest of the group over and they take an unusually long time discussing how they should go about rescuing the dogs. Some think it’s a trap and they should wait, others think they should just walk up. While in the middle of discussing, Gorgoth, not being the sharpest sword in the armory, walks up to the dogs and tries breaking the chains with his sword, making a loud klang noise. The group walks up to him, when they are ambushed by three Grung’s. After a short, somewhat easy battle that left the poor frogs cleaved in two and having head seperated from body, the adventurers are able to free Bork and Goofy and proceed on the road along to the King’s Tomb.


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